How can I get one user to connect multiple banks?

If you have a single User who needs to connect to multiple banks, the solution depends on the way that you have integrated with DirectID:-

  1. If your system creates a user account for the User that they log into, you can assign them a static customer reference. You then pass this static customer reference to the Widget every time the Widget loads. Whilst this would create multiple records in the system for that single user (each with a unique DirectIDUID), each would share the same customer reference. 
  1. If your users do not login to individual user accounts in your system you could:
  • After the ‘Verification Complete’ stage, add a Call-To-Action asking the user if they have any additional banks to connect to. If they do click to add additional banks, you would then simply load the Widget again with the same customer reference.
  • If you want all your users to connect a set number of banks (for example, two accounts, being a personal bank account and a business bank account), you could have two Widgets on two separate pages. After the ‘Verification Complete’ stage, the customer would click a ‘next’ button and connect to a new page in your flow (where the Widget would reload with the same customer reference).
  1. If you are generating your own links and emailing them to your customers outwith the DirectID Dashboard, simply ask the user to click on the same link each time they connect a new bank. This will ensure that they are assigned the same customer reference but also receive a unique DirectIDUID reference for each connection.

         As an alternative, you could simply ask the user to refresh the page after he/she sees the ‘Verification          Complete’ message. They can then start the process again with their second bank. 

4. If you are using the dashboard email system, you will need to send separate emails to the User. Each will contain a link that contains the unique DirectIDUID token (which can only be used for one successful verification). In the Email Send panel on the Dashboard, add the same customer reference each time - this will make it much easier for your team to identify the banks that all correspond to the same end user.

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