What is the Verification Report?

The Verification Report is the section on the Dashboard where we display information about a specific user. This section contains panels that relate to a specific DIRECTIDUID (the unique reference that we assign to each user).

We configure a selection of panels to meet the needs of each of our customers. However, if you identify a panel that might be useful for your Dashboard, please submit a ticket. We'd then be happy to talk you through any additional functionality that you might need.

List of Panels

  • Verified Identity Panel
  • Personal Details Panel
  • Bank Account Summaries Panel
  • Checking Account Summaries Panel
  • Checking Account Activity Summaries Panel
  • Certified Bank Statements Panel
  • Certified Credit Card Statements Panel
  • Bureau Check Panel
  • Document Verification Panel

If you have the ability to download reports (via the icon in the top right hand corner of your Dashboard), you can download an individual Verification Report in either PDF or spreadsheet format. 

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