What is the Personal Details Panel?

The Personal Details Panel shows you a combination of information from our system and also direct from the User's bank account.


  • Name: this is the Account Holder Name that is received directly from the user's bank account.
  • Email: this will be automatically populated with the User's email address if you are sending Verification Emails from the Dashboard. If you are not and believe it would be useful, please submit a ticket to hear how this field can be populated in your Dashboard.
  • Customer Reference: within your business, you are probably using a reference to identify each of your customers. This field (shown as 'default user' in the screenshot) may contain this data if you wish. If you need help understanding how to populate this, please submit a ticket.
  • DIRECTIDUID: every user who goes through DirectID is assigned a unique identifier. This information should always be included with every support ticket if you need to investigate a specific user.
  • Date of check: this is the date the user ran through the widget to connect their bank.
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