What is the Document Verification Panel?

This Panel displays the data that has been returned from captured documents. Data will typically be available in this panel shortly after an individual has uploaded their documents. Where multiple documents are provided, the dropdown menu at the top of the panel can be used to switch between documents.


When photos of documents are uploaded, we group the photos together and then determine what type of document has been provided. A document can be classified as one of the following types:

  • Driving Licence
  • Identity Card
  • Passport
  • Residence Permit
  • Utility Bill
  • Other
  • Other No Processing

Where a document cannot be classified, its type will be displayed as “Undetermined”. This will typically occur when a valid document is not provided or when the provided photos are of poor quality.


Once classified, the document will then be validated against a series of rules outlined in the “Validation Rules” section of the panel. The rules that decide whether a document can be verified vary based on the type of document and region. A failed validation generally indicates either a forgery attempt or that vital information cannot be read from the document (most likely due to poor image quality).

A high-level overview of validation states and image quality issues can be found by clicking or tapping on the status indicator in the top right of this panel.


In addition to validation, the Panel also displays all of the document and identity information that could be retrieved. This data is retrieved by a combination of OCR techniques and by an interrogation of the document's available Machine Readable Zones (if it is a document that includes a MRZ). The quality of the data returned is therefore dependent on the quality of the image provided by the individual.


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