Logging into HSBC Bank (UK) using their Authentication App

For customers with that bank, here are instructions on how to login into HSBC bank using the Authentication app.

  1. Search for HSBC.
  2. Pick HSBC Bank (UK).
  3. Click Select.
  4. Enter Your Username (for example ib1234567890 or john123).
  5. Enter your Memorable Answer.
  6. Under Select The Type Of Login select  "With Secure Key".
  7. Under Password enter your password in full.
  8. Click verify my identity.
  9. The next section must be completed within a 2 minute time limit. Open the HSBC app on your device and tap "Generate Security Code".
  10. Enter your Digital Secure Key Password within the app.
  11. Tap Generate.
  12. Enter the one-off 6 digit passcode shown on your device into the DirectID Widget.
  13. Click submit.


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