What is the Verified Income Panel?

This panel is currently in Beta. It provides a list of detected income sources across all bank accounts within the verification report.

An income source is defined as:

  • a group of matching credits with at least 2 transactions in different calendar months; and
  • each transaction is greater than or equal to 10% of all credits for the month in which the transaction took place

The fields in this panel return the following information:

  • Total Net: this is how much income is seen from this source in the report.
  • Annual Net: this number takes the product of the average transaction value multiplied by the average number of monthly transactions, and multiplies that number by 12 to come to a predicted annual income.
  • Average Monthly Transactions: this is the average number of transactions from this source in a calendar month.
  • Percentage of Total Credits: this shows how much of the total income is comes from this source.

All transactions used in determining the income source are listed within its entry in this panel under ‘Based On’. 

If this panel is not visible on your dashboard and you believe it would be useful, please submit a ticket to hear how this field can be populated in your Dashboard.



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