Can a customer request a copy of their bank report?

Consumers are entitled to receive a copy of the information that we provide - free of charge - in line with the US Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). 

To do this, consumers need to complete a form on our website. For us to extract the data, we need to receive:

  • name
  • contact information
  • bank account details
  • date of verification
  • UserID
  • your Reference Number  

It is likely to be the case that they will need to speak to you directly to confirm a couple of these details. 

Once we have received a completed form, we will compile the information and provide a file to the consumer by email, together with a letter to explain what we are providing. We will highlight that they are allowed to dispute any inaccurate information.  

Please note that whilst inaccurate information will be corrected, accurate information which is negative cannot be adjusted.

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