Logging into Capital One 360


To connect to your Capital One 360 account, you will need the following:
     - a Customer Number/SaverID/Username; and
     - an Access Code

Use the following URL to generate the code:

Step 1:     From the Account Summary Page click the ‘My Info’ Tab and select ‘Access Code’.
Step 2:     On the following page, select ‘Create’ or ‘Create Access Code’ and a new code will be
                (This is also the page where a user can retrieve an access code if one is already generated.) 
                Note: At any time a user can disconnect ongoing access to all services connected via this
                access code by clicking the ‘block’ button!
Step 3:     Click start process in Xpenditure and select Capital One 360 from the list of available banks.
Step 4:     Enter 'Username' & 'Access Code'
Step 5:     Click 'Verify my identity'

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