Logging into Barclays Online Banking

The Barclays interface is one of the more complex login pages in the UK, partly because Barclays UK Bank account holders can log into their bank accounts using one of two options. Both of these are supported in the DirectID Widget:-

  1. PINSentry
  2. Memorable word / Passcode


How PINSentry works on the DirectID Widget

  • The User will be asked to provide a Surname and one of the following:
    • Membership Number
    • Card Number
    • Sort Code And Account Number
  • The User should leave "Passcode" and "Memorable Word" blank and continue to the next stage.
  • The Widget will ask if Card PINSentry is being used:
    • Answer "Y" for Card PINSentry or "N" for Mobile PINSentry
  • The Widget will then ask them to provide the 8-digit code displayed on the PINSentry itself

Note: if the user selects "Sort Code And Account Number", they will have to provide their Date of Birth in addition before being presented with the PINSentry option.

Logging in using Passcode / Memorable Word (for those without PINSentry)

This should be straightforward and simply requires the customer to type in their password and memorable word.

How does the User change his or her Online Banking passcode / memorable word?
The User will need to log in to Online Banking with PINsentry and follow these instructions:

  • Click on the drop-down menu under your name on the homepage
  • In the section headed ‘My details’, select ‘Change passcode and memorable word’
  • Change your passcode and set up your memorable word
  • Enter your details and save

Barclays advise (see the bottom of page) that you can reset your passcode via PINsentry if you forget this http://www.barclays.co.uk/Helpsupport/LoggingintoOnlineBanking/P1242604492621

This article also shows that the change should work right away (i.e. the User does not need to wait for a new email to be emailed out).

How do I set up my memorable word and passcode in Online Banking?

How do I set up Mobile PINSentry via the Mobile Barclays App?

The steps are as follows:-

  1. Log onto your Mobile Barclays app via your phone then scroll down to the 3rd section and there you will see Tools.
  2. Choose the Mobile PINSentry.
  3. Click/confirm why you need the PINSentry code.
  4. Immediately you are presented with the 8 digit code with a countdown to how long it is valid for. If you do not use it in time you can the click Try again or Thanks, I’m done options at the bottom of the screen.

DirectID Tip:

We recommend users log in, set up a new passcode and memorable word, then log out and try logging in to the bank website again using passcode and the memorable word to ensure that the new login route is activated and you have all the correct information at hand before going through the DirectID process again.


Helpful Articles on the Barclays Website

1. http://www.barclays.co.uk/Helpsupport/LoggingintoOnlineBanking/P1242604492621

  • discusses the two login options (PINSentry and memorable word / passcode)

2. https://www.help.barclays.co.uk/faq/online-banking/login/change-passcode-word.html

  • discusses how to change the memorable word or passcode
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