User Issues: The First Questions To Ask

If a User has any difficulty using DirectID, it is best to start by reviewing a few common areas. Sometimes these will fix the issue. If not, the answers will provide us with the information that we need to investigate further. 


If you need to escalate an issue to us, please share the following information with us:

  1. The DirectIDUID - e.g. hq81a26bd2784ccebf0552a264cd4da5
  2. The RPUserID - an identifier some of our customers add during integration in order to identify specific users with their own internal reference number. Not all customers assign their users with unique RPUserID's so please check with your development team.
  3. Did the user click on the eye icon to confirm that all data was entered completely and correctly?
  4. The date and time of failed attempt/issue
  5. The URL that your user normally uses to log into bank (e.g.
  6. Which bank name did the User select in the Widget?
  7. Any error message or code that the user saw
  8. What was the user's experience? Did it feel like it stalled or stopped? Did it seem to go through completely then get a 'whoops' message? What stage number did it stop on?
  9. How many times did the user attempt to login using the Widget (and on their bank website)?
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