Bank login tips for customers

In order to successfully complete the DirectID widget users have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Click "Start process"
Step 2: Select the bank from the list or search for it
Step 2: Enter your UserID (Username, ClientID, etc.)
Step 3: Enter your 'Password' (use the eye icon to check the details you enter are correct).
Step 4: Click 'verify my identity'

The above steps can be used to log into the following banks:

Bank of America
Capital One Credit Cards (US)
Capital One Bank
Chase Bank
Discover Card
RBC Royal Bank (Canada)
and many more...


Here you can find information on how to use the widget for connecting with some banks that require more information:

Logging into American Express

Logging into Natwest Bank

Logging into USAA Banking

Logging into Capital One 360

Wells Fargo Credit Card account 

Log in through:

- Select 'Wells Fargo (US) - Credit Card'
- Through the link you already needed username and password

- "Verification Complete" message will be sent
- No additional steps needed.

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