MFA (Multi-factor Authenication) Types

There are 4 different MFA types detailed below along with whether they can be learned or not using Login Reconnect.

  1. Security questions and answers (learned)
  2. Token ID (non-learned)
  3. Captcha / Image (non-leaned)
  4. Multi-level (learned or non-learned)             
    • Eg If this includes a token id or captcha image then it’s non-leaned,  if it includes 2 questions then it’s learned.

Here are a few examples of how banks will work with Login Reconnect depending on the MFA type.

  • 121 Financial CU Bank has an MFA type of Security Question, therefore if the user connects via Login Reconnect multiple times we are able to learn the required answers. If the account has 3 questions set up we would need to learn the answers to all 3 to guarantee a successful ongoing connection.  This might need the user to go through Login Reconnect more than 3 times as the same question may be asked more than once during 3 connections.
  • Bank of Akron has an MFA type of Image, therefore even if the user connects via Login Reconnect we will not be able to learn the answers.  For the user to retrieve the most current transactions they can still use Login Reconnect but they will need to enter their MFA every time.
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